23 Things: Thing 2

I am on facebook, linkedin, twitter, icloud and have a website, and I have a twitter, facebook and icloud account for my band. I work part time in radio, and we tweet info about all the programmes I work on. I recently saw myself on a film about Lemmy from Motorhead, (who died recently) sitting next to him on the Jools Holland programme, so I facebooked that around to a few people, thinking my children might think that was cool, but sadly they weren’t particularly interested.

I  rarely use social media. I seem to get enough work via word-of-mouth and email. The whole social media thing strikes me as too huge to find a way into it. I occasionally use facebook to keep in touch with friends abroad, or to send out political petitions, or to advertise gigs, but as far as professional PhD blogging goes, I don’t know who I am writing for, nor why, nor how to get people to read it. I am of an age where it doesn’t sit comfortably with me to publish all my thoughts to the whole world in a medium that cannot easily be erased if I would like to erase something. I don’t like the way facebook controls and monopolises almost the whole of social media.

I don’t seem to be able to find the time, or the inclination to prioritise social media in my life, it doesn’t really seem relevant to me. For my PhD, I am still at the stage of forming my ideas and trying to focus my research.

So why am I doing 23 things? I strongly suspect that I am missing the point and I really could, should, would like to be able to find a way to manage social media so it works well for me, so I know how it works, and can set up some kind of weekly routine with it.